initializing the client

- `-n <namespace>`
- `--kubeconfig <kubeconfig>`
- all default auth
- would it work inside a pod?

using client-go

having the client, we can try retrieving the logs of a container of a pod by using the GetLogs() method

    clientset.CoreV1().Pods(namespace).GetLogs(name, &podLogsOpt)

given that the client allows us to wrap the roundtripper with one of our own, we can discover what endpoints are used by printing that communication

(yeah, this is somewhat similar to doing a -v=7 on kubectl)

using the api

    kubectl proxy
    curl ...

from which containers can you get logs from?

what’s a subresource?

how does it work internally? under “pkg/registry/core/pod/rest/log.go” we can find the implementation of the handler for the /log subresource

kubectl /api/v1/pods/namespace/pod/log/contianer?

        --> the handler for `/log` subresource

                --> gets inforamtion about the pod

                        --> creates a connection to the kubelet

                                --> /containerLogs/%s/%s/%s
                                        (namespace, name, container)

                                (e.g.  localhost:8001/api/v1/nodes/kind-control-plane/proxy/containerLogs/default/redis/redis)

(i.e., yeah, the logs come straight from the node, not from a central location)

what about --previous? how does that work?

naturally, you’re not going to be able to retrieve through kube-apiserver’s API the logs from system components that don’t run as pods, e.g., kubelet and whatever container runtime you have (e.g., docker / containerd)

seems like the kubelet is able to return (via metrics api) how many bytes are being used for logs (ContainerStats.Logs)

default logs container annotation